Faux Artistry ~ Murals ~ Trompe L'oeil

Stenciling ~ Frequently Asked Questions


Faux Artistry

Peacock Tail Design can use faux finishes to mimic natural surfaces such as marble, stone, or wood. We can also provide designer finishes using broken color effects to create depth and interest in your walls. A sampling of the many finishes we render:

* French Color Wash

* Marbleizing

* Faux Bois (Wood Graining)

* Frottage

* Multi-Colored Glazes

* Chipped Plaster

* Strie

* European Fresco

*Venetian Plaster

* Textured Finishes ranging from Subtle to Dramatic




Mural designs can range from classic embellishments like floral borders or ivy topiaries to a full 360° panoramic view. Designs can replicate fabric patterns, photographs, or any look from your favorite decorating magazine. From conception to completion, Peacock Tail Design creates one of a kind murals from your imagination to ours.

* Landscapes

* Sea and Skyscapes/Clouds

* Single Motifs

* Children’s Themes

* Animals or Family Pets



Trompe L’oeil

Trompe L’oeil (pronounced trump loy), a French term meaning “fool the eye”, is a way to add realism and depth to decorative painting. Peacock Tail Design can use trompe l’oeil in faux artistry or murals for that “is it real or is it painted” look.




Peacock Tail Design takes stenciling to a higher level. We have access to the top designer stencil companies in the country or can custom cut any pattern to match your décor. Stenciling, ranging from the whimsical to the sophisticated, can be used for stunning wallpaper effects or to add dramatic dimensional patterns to your walls.


We take pleasure in working out of the ordinary.

If you can dream it, we can paint it.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact You?
Call or email me at 609-970-8933 or

What should I look for in any professional decorative artist before working with them?
Here are a few things to consider before hiring a professional decorative artist:
Are they specialized in their field?
What kind of training have they had?
How many years have they practiced their craft?
Do they have a website?
Are they insured?
Do they have a portfolio to show the type of work they do?
Will they provide sample boards or sketches for your approval before working on your walls?
Are they professional, on time, clean and courteous?
What are your fees?
It all depends. Sorry for the non-specific answer but the scope and detail of your project will determine the cost. You should also have a budget in mind which helps me determine the finish/mural I can create for you. For faux and plaster finishes, it can depend on how many layers, the height of the walls, the size of the room and the intricacy of the finish. For murals it can depend on the style and realism of the painting, if its an accent or covering the entire wall or entire room for that matter. I do however have a minimum charge of $500 for whatever project I am working on.

How Do I start the process?
We have a short phone consult where I gather information from you about the kind of work that you would like to have done. An appointment is made for an in-home consultation (I do not charge for this service) where I see the area to be painted, discuss your ideas, look at photos, fabrics, magazine pictures you may have and present my portfolio. This process should take no more than an hour. I then return to my studio and put together a proposal just for you! If you would like custom sample boards or sketches of designs before the proposal is finalized then I do charge for my time and materials. This fee is non refundable but is applied to the deposit once the project is approved.

What kinds of questions can I expect on the phone or home consult?
What is your budget?
How would you like the room to make you feel?
What is the primary purpose of this room?
Colors that you love/ colors that you hate
Is there anyone else besides yourself whose input is important on this project (children, spouse)?
Have you ever had any decorative painting done in your home before?
Do you have a specific time frame in which this work has to be completed?

Do you have insurance?
Absolutely. I carry liability insurance for 3 million dollars.

Do you have customer referrals?
Of course! Here are just of few of the kind comments I have received from my happy clients:

"Just wanted you to know how much I absolutely love my mural. The border is fabulous! I love the chickens,bees, etc...
No one has seen it yet but I will let you know the reactions as they do."


Thank you again for another job beautifully done. You truly are talented! Please leave several business cards for future referrals and expect another call from us soon. Our upstairs could use your touch. Thank you.


"Dear Kathleen,
We would like to thank you for the beautiful artwork and design in our basement. We really appreciate and value your creativity. Everyone that comes to our house loves it! Thanks again.

-Dana and Jeff




Kathleen Reilly . Peacock Tail Design . 609-970-8933